Mike Bell

Our mission is to bring uniquely exciting,  beautiful and best of all organized and enjoyable wedding experiences those getting married in Hawai'i

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Mike Bell



Mike Bell is a man of many talents! With 18 years in the wedding business, his tenacious personality, and passion for amazing events, he is a true professional and unlike any other performer in the entire world (we've checked!) Mike Bell is a fantastic vocalist, ukulele and guitar player with a wide range of styles and genres. He wows audiences with everything from pop and rock, R&B to country, island music and more! Also an eloquent public speaker, his work as a ceremony officiant touches the hearts of everyone in attendance with his original and modern ceremonies, and his MC performances are fun, professional and always on time to keep your event moving forward. With an ear for the perfect song, Mike Bell is an entertaining DJ with awesome wedding playlists tailored on the fly to suit your guests during your event. All these duties, at the same time at the same event is a challenge, but that's part of the fun and what makes Mike a very special performer. Mike's performances blend to create a truly unique event that centers around Mike, but is focused on you

Mike and Maddie have been married since 2014, and their marriage has become the driving force behind the Mike Bell Weddings set of values. Mike and Maddie Bell live in the mountains in Honolulu, Hawaii on the island of Oahu. They look out each morning through the forest to the ocean with thankfulness for the opportunity share in the love of so many wonderful people from all over the world. They bring the intensity of the love they share for each other into everything they do, and are dedicated to self-improvisation, honesty, and authenticity in their overall quest for enlightenment. Mike & Maddie fit like lock and key, each supplying what the other lacks to create a dynamic team with an eye for style and a passion for all things weddings & events. 




Without our amazing team it would be impossible to create and produce the most amazing weddings in the world.  Whether it's a help from Creative Partner,  Vendor, or Laborer, sometimes from the couple themselves,  or their family and friends, we really appreciate and are grateful for all of the assistance and personal care that each person takes with regard to the tasks we are performing. 

Thank you our TEAM!