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Team Services

No one wants to go over budget! MBW charges flat rate fees, so calculating the budget of your investment is easy and mistake free! Add up the invoices for all of your Creative Partners and Vendors who will be part of the wedding, and then MBW charges a percentage of the total based on location, guest count, and overall investment.

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Mike Bell's

Signature Services

Master of Ceremonies

Ceremony Officiation


Mike Bell achieves what no other planner can by combining the experience of our fantastic planning services with Performance Services as well. Mike's goal is to to deliver to you an amazing wedding; by filling in the details and taking the stress of your shoulders.


Our 18 years of wedding experience gives you the expertise to ensure your event flows smoothly and is beautifully styled for those unforgettable moments! We're transparent about our pricing and exactly what comes with each service, contact us for more information on specialty services and customization.

Choose Mike Bell to personally officiate, DJ & MC and play live ukulele and sign for your guests!

Choose from 2 Packages: MBW Sweethearts or MBW Lovebirds

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MBWTeam Planning& Coordination

Do you want Mike Bell Weddings quality, but MikeBellSignature Planning & Coordination Services seem out of reach?


Our MBWTeam Services are a great way to get the best of both worlds.


Being an expert in all of those areas doesn't mean Mike is Superman and can do everything himself, so over the past decade, Mike has hired and trained MBWTeam Members with the utmost care and thoughtfulness into each detail. 


We employ a variety of staff; both in regular employees, and in outsourced, trusted Creative Partners to service any needs you may have that fall outside of MBW's In House Services.

Fees flat rate so they are easy to calculate by adding up all of your Creative Partners and Vendors.


The MBWTeam Planning or MBWTeam Coordination Rate is 14%, and is recommended for weddings with investment amounts between $24,000, and $74,500. 

rick christina.jpg

Mike Bell officiating one of his 5 hand crafted, heartfelt ceremonies, after  playing the ukulele and singing for the couple as everyone got seated, and the bridal party walked down the aisle. #scottish #chandlerhill #worldwideweddingplanner

MikeBellSignature Planning& Coordination

Screen Shot 2019-03-10 at 1.11.12 PM.png

Pipe & Drape design at Kahala Hotel provided by our trusted Creative Partners.

(Call today to get the design started on your event space.) #kahalawedding #hawaiiweddingplanner #pipeanddrape #lighting

Over the 18 years he has been providing wedding services for couples, Mike has performed as the planner, officiant, live musician, DJ, Emcee, Coordinator, sound engineer, designer, rental and decor provider, delivery and setup person, specialty FX and lighting designer and operator and photographer. Some of these, he even does at the same time.

Really understanding all of these positions from the perspective of the person performing the service helped Mike to find and train an entire team, to help plan and coordinate your event like no one else on earth has the ability to do.


The fee for Mike's Signature Planning is lower than the standard 14% Team Planning Rate at 12% plus $13,500, and is recommended for weddings with investment amounts between $84,000, and $474,500.



Get unlimited consult with the MBW TEAM and up to 40 hours before the wedding from Mike Bell, to help you personally craft and design every detail. 


MikeBellBespoke Planning& Coordination

We understand every couple has a unique vision of how they want their day to look, sound, and how ultimately you'd like that to make you and your guests feel. 

Some couples prefer the idea of an elopement, others envision a fun outdoor party in a tent, and some, a fancy black tie event in an exclusive hotel.


Others have a completely bespoke experience in mind. Whatever you have in mind for you and your fiance, we either have a package that is perfect, or will create one just for you.


The fee for Mike's Bespoke Planning is our 14% Team Planning Rate, plus $32,500, and is recommended for weddings with investment amounts between $284,000, and $2M.

Bespoke weddings include extremely personalized MBW Party Poppers as Crystal Chandeliers, or our hand built Kiawe Wood Arbor(as pictured).



Get unlimited consult with Mike to help you design every detail. 


25-10-18-4858 V2.jpg

Check out this beautiful ceremony at Secret Island on the North Shore of Oahu. The arbor for this wedding was hand built by Mike Bell with locally sourced replenish-able kiawe wood. #twobrides #twogrooms #doublewedding #twins 

The Mike Bell WeddingsProcess:

How a Mike Bell Wedding Works


Gorgeous lit "Aloha" marquee sign in Kapolei provided by our trusted Creative Partner.

  1. Fill in the inquiry box at the bottom of the page

  2. Find out if your date is available.

  3. Go over packaging, and pricing with Mike on the phone. 

  4. We send you an agreement over email.

  5. Once signed and returned, we will send you an invoice for the deposit.

  6. Once the deposit is paid your date is officially reserved and we will send you a music selection worksheet, and if applicable, set up your online portal, and give you access to our exclusive planning templates and timelines.

  7. Your interim or final payments will be due depending on what services you have chosen, but you can expect that most balances will need to be paid in full 30 days before the wedding, with a few exceptions letting you pay in the final week before. 

  8. Enjoy your celebration!